Are you talented? 

Do you have mental

Health issues like me? Bpd? Are you an older artist discriminated by the media due to age? 

Don't give up 

Let's petition the Media and get the recognition and respect and support we deserve 

Are you fed up with empty houses no audiences because the theatre's don't support you ? 

I am !

Are you fed up watching the same actors who have been in soap take all our  acting and singing jobs just because they have been in a soap or a reality show and who most of them can't sing or act at all when we are bursting with talent???

I am!!!!

Are you fed up with the way we get treated as mentally ill people as criminals? By authorities who can arrest us if we have a panic attack? 

This happened to me i got thrown in a cell !

Are you fed up with no supoort anywhere for artists starting out no grants and no where to perform?????

I am! 


Enough is enough ! 

Hi I'm


I've started a petition to get on the media to sing act and talk about therapeutic communities and how it changed my life and helped me learn how to manage my Border line personality dissorder with out medication. To ask for respect for people like us and to help promote talent that is not being respected or recognized 

I cannot afford theatres anymore as they do not supoort me or help me to get audiences  they just take all our money and we never get paid.

It's time for me to go to the top 

There is a huge amount of talent in the world like myself who are not being respected due to lack of money or fame or age or disability 

I intend to be a champion to all of us and get us all the breaks we deserve.

Please click on here to get Bbc Itv and the press to take me seriously as I've been performing since I was 6 and being on the stage helps me to do the breakdowns as a character so I don't need to do them in life.