Laurene is available for performances at Residential homes

She specializes in Piaf and Classical music but can taylor make a program suitable for your home. 

Other music like Vera Lynn, Doris Day and sing alongs with the accordion.

events and weddings and more

  Bookings can be made on  07437 532 798

or by email


Here is a promo video from a residential home


Do you need a great show for your audience, or event?

The shows which are available are:

1. Piaf "Love Conquers all"

          2."Maria Callas by " /Alma Bond

                3. "How to stay sane in a crazy world

Presenting a one woman show and talk around Borderline personality disorder recovery in a Therapeutic community without medication with Piaf and Callas and other great characters, audience participation and more. 

"Laurene manages to explain what bpd is and what it isn't in a very entertaining way and how recovery is possible and her voice is beautiful

Ali Foster Brighter Berkshire