Laurene hope now brings to life " La Divina" herself.

We perform the full version in Holmer Green and the fringe version at the Brighton fringe.

Maria is a beautiful show portraying Callas from a young child rejected by her parents through the war in Greece to her becoming the Diva Assaluta of opera.

It also shows her deep feelings and passion for her singing and how she made opera " A bloody lusty experience, where the audience cry when we cry and bleed when we bleed and die when we dir, don't just clap politely and go home" 

Interlaced with beautiful Arias like " Vissi D'arte" " Casta Diva" " Habanera" and more 

And also bringing to life her love affair and heartbreak with Onasis

" Laurene has away of bringing the artist she portrays onto the stage so you can see inside their souls and empathise with them like a physic medium ,she channels them and you will be wiping the tears from your eyes" G London" 

  .So don't miss this show 

You too will fall in love with " La Davina

With cameo roles of George and Agent 

Played by Francis Kenny .

 "There are not many performers who would dare to represent Maria Callas on stage not just by acting the life but also by singing the songs - but then one day along came Laurene Hope. And what a memorable evening she produced! MARIA is an intense, powerfully sustained and finally very moving show, as the dark, often tragic course of Callas's experience is shot through with moments of musical beauty and grace. Hope does not imitate Callas (who would want to try?) but - as in her previous production on the life of Edith Piaf - produces her own vocal expressiveness which captures both the truth of Callas's remarkable life - and more importantly its spirit."  Steve Gough BAFTA winning director